Earn Lash Points with The Lash Kollection!


For every £1 you spend, you'll receive up to five Lash Points, create a store account in order to start collecting Lash Points now! 

Lash Points can be redeemed against your future purchases here at Lash Points are our way of rewarding our loyal lash loving customers.

Lash point redemption tiers:

£5 off - requires 500 Lash Points

£10 off - requires 1000 Lash Points

£25 off - requires 2500 Lash Points

£50 off - requires 5000 Lash Points

To redeem your Lash Points, be sure to stay logged into your account. When on the checkout page, you can select the points you'd like to redeem (if applicable). Lash Points can only be redeemed when the above tiers have been met.

Orders placed on guest checkout will not accrue Lash Points.

Lash Points expire one year after the last activity on your account. Unused Lash Points will expire 12 months after they have been earned, unless you place another order on your account before the 12 months elapses, or the Lash Points on your account are redeemed (redemptions can be made with a minimum of 500 Lash Points.)